If you came to Toba, please come to "Kaisen Yamato" ! Eat fresh seafood such as lobster, abalone, turban shell, oyster, you can drink in Mie Prefecture sake.
One minute walk from Toba station. It's delicious as it's fresh fisherman's direct delivery! cheap! We have plenty of Mie's local sake. Ise shrimp and abalone and Large clam and Grilled oysters are exquisite. It is only our shop that we have abundant Mie regional sake around Toba station. Maybe you can drink sake of Mie prefecture's sake "JIKON". Please drop in by all means because there are plenty of other delicious sake. We also have counter seats so please do not hesitate to drop by by even one person.
Ise shrimp\2,500~
Grilled oysters(4)\500
Large clam(1 and a half)\500
Grilled turban shell(2)\600
Sashimi of the turban shell\800
Blackberry lily shellfish\500
Ise Udon\500
Cold tofu of Ise Udon sauce\250
Today's tsukudani\300
Today's dish\300
【Dried fish】
Dried overnight of squid\800
The opening of the horse mackerel\300
Restaurant nameKaisen Yamato
Addresses1-8-7 Toba, Toba, Mie, Japan
Operating HoursWeekday 10:00 to 16:00
holidays 10:00 to 17:00
Shop holidaysNo
Number of seats18 Seats
Non-smoking/smokingSmoking establishment
106 meters from Toba Station.
From Toba Station
about 1 minutes

[Customers driving to our restaurant]
From Ise Grand Shrine
about 25 minutes

From Shima spain Village
about 35 minutes

[Customers taking the Kintetsu Express Train]
From Nagoya
Nagoya Station to TobaStatione
about 95 minutes

From Namba
NambaStation to TobaStation
about 119 minutes

From Kyoto
KyotoStation to TobaStation
about 131 minutes